This state of the art, comfortable and contemporary terrace system embellishes and enhances any space with its functional properties and sense of luxury.

Esthec Terrace offers unprecedented freedom in colour which allows the terrace to be integrated into an overall design scheme. In addition to the obvious aesthetic advantages, the thrilling design options and the ease of application, Esthec also leads the way in the effort to limit the use of scarce natural resources in design and building materials.

Esthec is durable, splinter free, simple to maintain and feels comfortable on bare feet. Even when it’s wet, Esthec provides excellent slip resistance. This a high quality decking can be used for outdoor applications including, but never limited to: terraces at hotels and resorts, beach club patios, high end residential balconies, spa areas at luxury villas, pool decks, roof top gardens, docks and jetties.

Esthec offers a number of design, technical, economical and visual advantages:

Extremely durable
Composite material (no PVC)
Freedom in color
No splintering
Wear and slip resistant
Ecological, recyclable and sustainable (no wood)
Low maintenance
Minimal bacterial (algae/fungus/mold) growth
Easy to mount and dismount
50 year track record of experience in composite products


Wood is one of Mother Nature`s masterpieces. One of the most beautiful, most durable and most impressive materials she has ever created. And, what`s more, one of the most useful. A forest is nothing less than one of Mother Nature`s lungs. Stopping deforestation is one of the greatest challenges faced by our generation. Time is running out. It`s time to take a deep breath.

Here is the good news

Things can change. Things can improve.

Esthec is nature reinvented. A composite with all the outward features of wood, the look of wood and even the feel of wood. But without any wood. Esthec is unbreakable, in other words, crack-free, splinter-free and low maintenance.

The basis of Esthec Terrace is a liquid material made of 25 ingredients including natural resins, natural fibers, minerals and color pigments; 25% of which are recycled materials.

There is no waste created in the production of Esthec Terrace. Whatever is left at the end of the process can used for smaller terrace parts or recycled for the next production run.
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